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Vaccine Passports Only Serve to Create Inequity

According to recent demographic data on COVID vaccinations categorized by race, black citizens are severely underrepresented in the category of civilians who have received one or two doses of the coronavirus vaccine. This could play an ugly role in abridging African Americans' rights, as some states are starting to push a system of so-called 'vaccine passports.' If one must provide proof that they have been vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to enter a business, a school, or a place of work, black communities who have been vaccinated at much lower rates than white and Asian communities will be disproportionately affected. According to the aforementioned statistics, the ratio of white to black vaccinated persons is approximately 1.33:1*. That means, based on a given sample size, approximately 33% more white persons will have received the COVID vaccine in relation to their African American peers. We'll see if this holds over time, but the numbers—if they hold up—don't bode well for the rights of black Americans. Now I am sure that the Right will be quick to chalk these disparities up to vaccine hesitancy, and I am sure the Left will be quick to attribute these statistics to racism. All that I know is that the end result will cause less people of color to enjoy the same rights as their white counterparts. It should be difficult to find anyone who doesn't find that outcome deplorable and who wouldn't want to fight back against that portion of society that supports such measures of discrimination.

*Add the ratio of white to black vaccinated persons by state (plus the District of Columbia) and divide by the number of data values, i.e. 51.

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