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Papa Joe Does It Again!

Well, you see, if you were caught with classified materials as a private citizen, you would for sure face criminal charges. But we couldn't do that to Papa Joe, because—after all—it's not that serious of a crime, is it? There's absolutely nooooooo way there could be nuclear codes in a box next to a classic Corvette in the former vice-president's garage. After all, only the Bad Orange Man could ever think of putting our national security at risk in such a fashion. I bet he had nuclear codes locked away in a closet in Mar-a-Lago. What a shame. We should probably prosecute him, right? I mean, he held onto classified documents after he left the Oval Office! We must stand by the truth and defend the honor of our country at all times! We must follow the law! #ProsecuteOrangeMan #FreePapaJoe #NotGuilty #Sarcasm

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