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Long-time leader in a racist system? Hmm.

What befuddles me to no end is the insistence that today's system is rife with what some call "systemic racism." I suppose it is not the accusation itself that baffles me; rather, it confounds all reasoning that the accusation's foremost bringer is, indeed, a long-time member of said system and has done absolutely nothing to remedy the problem he presents. President Biden has held political office for going on fifty years (if you count his stint as a county council member, more) and continues to insist that 'systemic racism' plagues America to its very core. A simple question: If systemic racism continues to plague American institutions, why has President Biden failed to make successful efforts to solve the problem? Honest Americans should take a look at eight years with an African-American President and a zealous 'anti-racist' Biden and question themselves: What did both of these men do to improve 'race relations' in America? Why are race problems yet unsolved? Might one political party have found use in an invincible bête noire that never really goes away unless we "Build Back Better"? Or perhaps we just need to heed calls to 'fight for equity.' Even so, it is doubtful the problem solves itself when it appears that so many individuals secretly wish this useful problem to not go away at all.

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