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Equality in the Field of Nursing

The AMA indicates that, based on U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics, 90 percent of all nurses in the U.S. are female. The stats are a little out of date (2008), but let us assume that they have held generally true for the last thirteen or so years. Should members of American society, particularly men, be outraged that 90 percent of nurses are female and that men are severely underrepresented in the nursing field? I mean, come on, guys, that's far from equal.

Or, alternatively, such calls for equality (regardless of whom is unequally represented) are often ill-informed and short-sighted. A demographic survey (2018-2019) by the National League for Nursing indicated that 93 percent of individuals who entered nursing school were female, meaning only 7 percent of admittees were male. Should there be a national campaign pushing for more men in the nursing field in order to correct this grave injustice?

There's no indication to believe that nursing schools or the nursing field are sexist institutions. So I believe the male-female disparity in the nursing field numbers are perhaps a result of innate differences in the male and female psyches. Why would I want to be served by a field of nurses that has been artificially flooded by unqualified male nurses? If I am dying, will I really be asking myself the question, "Is my nurse part of a system that is based on gender equality?" The keen observer knows that, quite often, men's and women's interests cross. But not always. This, of course, is the controversial sentiment: Men and women often have varied interests. Who would have thought?

When the Left and Right can have an honest conversation on the differences between men and women, then we will be able perhaps to embrace the concept that not all men and women enjoy certain types of jobs equally. Until then, I'll be waiting on the creation of the National League for Woman Lumberjacks. Or is it lumberjills?

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