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Conservative Collectivization

A long overdue conclusion to which many have arrived: Conservatives will ultimately find it necessary to collectivize in order to beat back Leftism. It is not sufficient to be 'left alone' or to 'live and let live.' Many Conservatives are finding their way of life changing due to institutional takeover executed by a Left that loves to join its forces together for political ends. After all, it's simple to act together as a unified Left that smooths over the more radical edges of its de facto coalition. As long as the party members are committed to the ideal, nothingnot even inconvenient logic or the spewing of anti-semitic slurscan hamstring the Left's progressive agenda.

In earlier days, it was much more difficult for group organization to occur efficiently and swiftly. The blessing and curse of the internet and social media have fostered swift collectivization efforts for political purposes. It also seems that the political Right is lagging behind the Left in the domain of social media and overall internet savviness. It's time that calm and collected Conservatives catch up soon, or they'll be left behind for good.

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