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A Desperate Call to "Reimagine" Everything

In a speech given May 13th, 2021, AFT President Randi Weingarten called for a 'reimagination' of education to "focus on what sparks students' passion." It's a wistful sentiment by an education tsar who helped keep schools closed for more than a year, irreversibly crippling students' social development and setting many on a course to repeat a grade or to be held back a year. You see, I would be more open to believing in a 'reimagination' of the school system and education if such proposals had been made before the pandemic. After all, Weingarten assumed office in the Federation back in 2008. The public should be at a loss for why it takes a global pandemic in order for political and union leaders (who fulfill indistinguishable roles at this point) to push for a reengineering of every institution at America's disposal. Perhaps even more insulting is that such a rejiggering of the system is done at the cost of the taxpayer by means of a corrupt bargain between union bosses and elected officials.

Not to worry, people, no impropriety to see here. Oh, and only a few more billions and the problem will be solved!

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